Objective/Goal: What was the brand trying to accomplish? 
Exa makes software that allows automobile designers to simulate their designs on a computer and allows them to visualize airflow and heat patterns on screen – instead of doing it all in a wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is traditional and old school. It’s an expensive and slow process to build and test a physical prototype in a wind tunnel. The objective was to position Exa as the smarter alternative to the costly and inefficient wind tunnel, while generating qualified leads.

Idea and Execution: What was the “big idea” as well as the plan developed to meet the brand’s goals? 
Exa lets you do everything you can do in a wind tunnel, but unlike a wind tunnel, changes can be made to designs on the fly, so the designer knows the impact of a design change immediately. And it’s far less expensive. The result is a much more iterative process resulting in more beautiful and aerodynamic designs than with traditional wind tunnel methods. 

Results: How did you/the client know the work was successful in meeting the objectives stated in Section 1? 
Exa typically averages between 200–300 leads for a top performing banner, this campaign generated 995 leads on average, 300-500% increase.

Production note:
The images were shot in a wind tunnel – there is no photoshop retouching other than color correction.