A survey of Nantucket Hospital website visitors revealed they were looking for more transactional features such as access to visiting physician calendars and an easier way to schedule appointments online. Enabling such transactions would fill a user need. But to build enough trust for potential patients to complete the transaction, Nantucket would need to consider the user experience it created to get there – from re-inventing how patients navigate a hospital website to helping patients form a closer relationship with their doctors through bios that feel more like stories than resumes.


The doctor profile, reimagined.

Finding a doctor should be less like ordering off a fast food menu and more like using Yelp to find a restaurant that meets your unique needs and preferences. With a profile page for each doctor featuring lifestyle imagery of what they enjoy most about the island, patients can feel more connected to their future provider and trust that they're making the right choice.


A new language for website search

Doctors say Ophthalmology. Patients say Eye Care. While a hospital may be organized according to medical specialties, if you want to avoid frustrating patients, your website shouldn’t be. Nantucket uses dynamic navigation to translate patient inquiries and make it easy for them to get around.



Increase in appointment requests since the launch of Nantucket’s new mobile-friendly, user-centric website.


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