A critical element of the engagement, and one of many B2Me insights that would lead to building trust between patients and caregivers, was the use of authentic storytelling.  While Rhino set out to find unspoiled natural outdoor locations to convey Pioneer Valley authenticity.  Mount Tom at the J.A. Skinner State Park, the Norwottuck Rail Trail and the streets of historic downtown Northampton all served as backdrops for photo, broadcast and web video shoots.



Northampton locals and real patients were used in website redesign photo shoots and a series of person-on-the-street videos.  The video series asked patients "How far would you go for the best medical care?" and if you had to choose, "What's better, world-renowned medical experts or personalized care?"

Our brand experience engagement highlighted that you don't have to choose.  At Cooley Dickinson Healthcare, patients can have the best of both worlds.