Idea and Execution: What was the “big idea” as well as the plan developed to meet the brand¹s goals?

Because people remember about 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see and about 80% of what they do, we created a highly immersive, 3-D digital experience. Called “Give me an FM Break” enabled prospects to actually experience the very unique benefits of partnering with DTZ. Our research showed that the audience has a very high pressure, high stress job, so we included a stress meter in the experience. Each time the user visited a new part of the experience, the stress meter would reduce it’s intensity – making the connection that DTZ reduces your stress.

Social media and email promotion drove users to the site. Each member of the sales team carried an ipad with complete access to the site, as well as an option Virtual Reality version.

Results: How did you/the client know the work was successful in meeting the objectives stated in Section 1?

The sales team reported high levels of engagement with their prospects and higher conversion rates since adopting the tool. On average, prospects spent over 8 minutes per session. Anecdotally we were told by the sales team that this was the best sales tool they ever had.